Fight against disease goes global as Manchester professor publishes 15 papers in one day

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  • The number of people affected by serious fungal diseases in a population of 636 million in 15 countries

  • Each paper provides a ‘tool’ for country advocacy for fungal disease and a baseline for future studies

Working with medical colleagues across the world, Professor David Denning has entered the history books by publishing 15 scientific papers on the same day – providing 15 countries with evidence to combat the burden of fungal disease.

Launch of the Manchester Fungal Infection Group (MFIG - Sept 2015)

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Manchester leads the world in the fight against deadly fungal infections with the opening of new Centre - a powerful partnership between research, doctors and industry to help 300 million people across the globe.

The latest scientific research against the potentially deadlyAspergillus fungus was displayed today (9 September) asthe Manchester Fungal Infection Group (MFIG) was officially opened by Professor Sir Robert Boyd.

GAFFI president tours China making the case for improved fungal diagnostics

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Early in August, Professor Denning visited Lanzhou, Hangzhou, Shanghai and Guangzhou meeting clinicians, visiting laboratories and educating physicians about the large burden of fungal disease and the opportunity for improved diagnostics. He cited one example from China of the likely number of deaths from invasive aspergillosis in COPD patients. Of the estimated 32.8 million people with COPD, nearly 12 million are admitted to hospital each year. A study in nearly 300 admissions in Guangzhou showed 3.9% to have invasive aspergillosis, and 43% died.